Thursday, 14 May 2009

Your Box is Empty - Revisited

I was reading an interview with Chris Pine the other day about his new role as Captain James T Kirk in the new Star Trek movie. He talked about the downside of being involved in such an iconic movie as "Star Trek" because of typecasting. He said it must be difficult for actors to be remembered and loved only for one particular role, when they've actually done a lot more.

I believe it's up to the actor how his career unfolds. While an actor can't control how fans perceive him, he can choose whether to let himself be typecast or not.

It's rather like musicians who are remembered for particular songs. The musician knows that he's just not limited to a few songs, he's a whole lot more. It's up to the musician to decide whether he wants to continue doing what he loves i.e. make music which may or may not produce a hit; or spend the rest of his life trying to please his fans.

I have also experienced readers trying to typecast me into a particular role. Just because I've written about particular topics considered "spiritual", some readers expect me to be some kind of spiritual teacher. I have no interest in promoting a way of being, I'm only interested in being myself and doing what I love. If my writings inspire readers to be themselves and do what they love, all well and good; if not, all well and good.

Any reader who attempts to put me in a box will find their box empty.


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