Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Trust Me, I'm a Magician

Is it easier to trust in what you can see than what you can't?

I believe it's very easy to trust in what I can't see. In fact, I do it all the time.

I was chatting to a friend earlier about the amount of walking I've been doing, which is a minimum of 40 hours a week. If I choose to walk to and from my destination, it's considerably more. The only reason why I can do this and never get tired is because I know I have the energy to do so. I can't see this energy but I still trust in it.

When I travel on public transportation I can't see the driver en route because I'm usually either sitting upstairs or, if it's a bendy bus, I'm sitting at the back. And yet, I still trust the driver's expertise.

At traffic lights, there is a hidden intelligence that makes the colours change. I can't see the intelligence and yet I still trust in the intelligence in the cars to make them stop.

When I buy something in a shop and the product label says it contains such and such. I trust that the label is correct.

When my mother cooks dinner, I don't see how she's prepared it and yet I still trust in her cooking.

Every day I meet different kinds of people from various works of life. I can't see the love in them but I still trust in them to be kind and courteous.

There are lots of beliefs I have that I can't see and yet I still trust in them.

As you can see, it's my nature to trust in things I can't see. That's why life is magical.


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