Thursday, 21 May 2009

That Lottery Jackpot Feeling

As I was walking home, I was playing my usual game of spotting numbers and letters on car registration numbers. It was then I noticed the licence number at the back of this particular black taxi looked very familiar.

It can't be!

I did a double-take.

It is!

The numbers were the same as my date of birth!

I've seen part of my date of birth on taxi's licence numbers and on car registration numbers before but never all 5 digits. This was just too uncanny!

I would imagine my feeling of jubilation at that moment must be similar to how people feel when all their numbers have been selected on the lottery jackpot. It's like Wow, magnified to infinity.

It's a shame the taxi driver wasn't around though for me to share my joy. That definitely is a lucky taxi.

I am a lottery jackpot winner!
I feel good!


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