Thursday, 21 May 2009

That Black Magic

So I emailed a friend about a game I'd sent him a while back and asked if he ever did master it. The object of the game is to encircle the black cat. (I have won it times after many attempts). My friend said he hadn't been able to catch the black pussy as yet.

Later as I was walking down a particular road, I noticed a jet black cat sitting outside a gate looking as if he was waiting for me. I noticed he was wearing a collar which matched my earrings. It would appear both of us prefer silver accessories. I stopped to say hello.

How come I've been walking down this road all these months and never seen you, but the moment I chat to my friend about a black cat, you pop up like Jack in the Box? Is this your idea of black magic, pussy cat?

He looked up at me and miaowed so loudly I was captivated by its old black magic spell.

My friend rolled over and wanted me to tickle his fat belly. When I did, he scratched my wrist. We played that game for a few seconds then I said goodbye, but the cat followed me and rubbed himself against my legs. So I stroked him some more and told him I really had to go.

Life is magic.


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