Monday, 18 May 2009


A few days ago I had a thought to re-read an article by Paul Levy which someone once posted at a forum I sometimes participate in. I decided to do a search on the forum for the article. Just before I did, I was drawn to read a friend's post which I found so inspiring that I responded in kind with some of my articles. After that I forgot about searching for the Levy article.

Today I received an article via email by the same friend whose post I had responded to at the forum. The article called Archetypal Synchronicity is by Paul Levy, the writer whose article I had been meaning to read.

As I believe there is only One Dreamer that is dreaming in everyone, it's not surprising really that I received the reminder through my friend.

It just shows how futile it is to force things to work out. I believe when I trust in the Dreamer in me, the Dreamer unfolds events perfectly, which doesn't always happen in a cause/effect or linear fashion, but in a causeless/magical manner, which can be baffling to the conscious mind.

Everything works out for the best.


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