Saturday, 16 May 2009

The Right to Be Happy

A friend told me she has a friend from church who is always negative and gossiping about other people, and wants her to join her. She said whenever this friend phones her she feels drained. My friend says all she wants is to be around happy people not people who pull her down. She asked me if I can help as she says she trusts me.

I could relate to my friend's experience because recently I was in an environment where I felt the vibes were not to my liking. When I thought to myself - "Joy is all around me" the room was instantly transformed and people in the room lightened up. Those who didn't like the heat got out of the kitchen.

I've agreed to assist my friend with the power of thought.

What is my friend's intention? To always have happy people around her, at least her brand of happiness.

As I believe thoughts are real then the thought of happy people around my friend is all done and dusted.

I trust that my friend's intention to have happy people around her is now: making my friend relaxed and happy; attracting people who resonate with my friend's idea of happiness; and repelling those who are not in harmony with her.

I believe we all have the right to be happy and be around happy people.


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