Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Power of Conviction

As I was sitting by the river reading a newspaper, this guy approached me and asked if he could sit beside me. I told him I didn't mind. I went back to reading my newspaper but he wanted to have a conversation. So I put the newspaper away and gave him my full attention.

What came out of the conversation was his belief about the end of the world and how the messiah is waiting for humanity to be united before he will appear and teach us how to resolve the world's problems.

I asked my friend why he needed to wait on this messiah. He said because humanity always needs someone to show them the way to God. He said while he's waiting, he's still going to enjoy his life on earth. He said if the messiah doesn't show up before he dies, he will be resurrected when the messiah finally arrives and he and fellow believers will live in paradise forever. (My friend was speaking from an Islamic perspective).

When he invited me to ask him questions, I told him while I appreciate his point about the end of the world, I don't believe in waiting for a messiah to guide me. I believe in listening to the Guide within me which I follow at all times. I said if that's what he truly believes in, I am very happy for him.

One thing I got from our conversation was his conviction which I found really inspiring. He spoke with such authority and belief. I was very grateful to have met him.

Imagine if my friend believed in himself the way he believes in waiting for an external teacher to guide him to salvation.

What would the world be like if we all had such strong self-belief?

I believe in Me.


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