Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Little Jackie Russell

During my walk, I came across two men chatting about a Jack Russell puppy one had on a lead. The puppy was so cute I had to stop and stroke it. The puppy's owner told me she was six months old.

She was so enthusiastic and jumped up my legs. Then the little critter nipped my ankle. Just as well I had trousers and boots on. Her owner showed us his wrists which had bite marks; presumably, the puppy has been practising on him too. He said she needs to be trained. I have no arguments there.

I wished him and his puppy well.

The Jack Russell puppy is like an untrained mind. There is so much energy behind each thought but if the thought is not focused in the right way, it's disaster. It's taken me a while to train my Inner Jackie Russell.

Now she obeys all my commands.

Sit! Stay! Good dog!


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