Wednesday, 6 May 2009

In the Zone

One thing I find interesting about this season's American Idol is you can tell who is in the Zone and who is not.

What do I mean by the "Zone"?

The Zone is when someone is being who they are as their True Self or Soul, Spirit, Light, Love, their essence. I believe each of us is unique in Spirit and we are here to express our unique identities.

When you are live in the Zone, you know you are already excellent so you just let the Excellence that you are express through which is always amazing, awesome, brilliant, creative, inspiring, magical, refreshing, unique, etc.

When you don't live in the Zone, you are always trying to be excellent which is either hit or miss.

For me, the contestant Adam Lambert is always in the Zone. Every time I hear him perform, I am both astounded by his brilliance and reminded of my own brilliance.

I have noticed other contestants who are not always in the Zone tend to either have good days or bad days.

Last week, the contestants were mentored by Jamie Foxx, the actor, singer and entertainer. Jamie noticed Adam wasn't intimidated by him at all. Why should Adam be intimidated when he knows we are all equally talented?

Thank you for being the Magic, Adam!


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