Friday, 8 May 2009

Giving Back

During yesterday's evening news on television, they were discussing some footballer's outburst at a match and his subsequent apology. The newscaster read some comments from readers. One reader believed footballers earn so much money and don't give back.

It got me thinking about what it means to give back to society?

Is giving back about working in/for the community, for some charity organisation, or working in some religious or spiritual capacity? I believe if people choose to take those paths, that's all well and good. I believe when you're being true to yourself and doing what you love, someone always benefits.

Take for example the advert for Compare the Market for people looking for cheap insurance. Every time I see that advert it has me in stitches. Whether viewers are encouraged to use that company is another matter, but at least their advert makes people smile, which is giving back.

Back to the reader's comment about footballers not giving back, I believe footballers give back to their fans by entertaining them, win or lose.

That's why I support Liverpool, the greatest football team in the world, ever.


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