Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Dreaming the Future - Visited

I have observed that when there's something I'm not sure about in the waking dream, my sleeping dreams reveals what's going on.

I have had lots of these experiences when I've sensed something about someone and my dream has revealed things to come and has been spot on.

I had two such dreams recently which have come true. Because they weren't things I wanted to come true they weren't pleasant to deal with. At least, I know I can trust in Myself as the Dreamer to give myself advance warnings.

Does this mean that when I know what is coming I can change it?

It all depends on the dream. Collective dreams, i.e. dreams involving more than one are difficult to change. I've heard of people who dreamed of the September 11 attacks in 2001 and couldn't change the events. I had a dream about the same two weeks before it happened.

Dreams that can be changed are ones that I'm dreaming on my own. For instance, if I can avoid an accident etc. In fact I've avoided lots of accidents in my time though not from precognitive dreams.

Back to the recent dreams I've had, the good news is I already know everything is working out for the best because I've already seen the future in my dreams.


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