Thursday, 7 May 2009

Delays Happen for a Reason

There are two free newspapers they give out in the City and the west end: London Lite and The London Paper. Two weeks ago, my mother asked me to start getting her a copy of the "London Lite" which she prefers. I've been doing this religiously.

Yesterday when I went to get a copy, there weren't any. When I asked the guy who gives them out where they were, he said that they were still waiting for them to be delivered. I picked up "The London Paper" instead.

As it was warm and sunny, I decided to sit by the river to browse through the paper. I noticed an interview with the American actor, Jon Hamm, who stars in the brilliant drama Mad Men. My mother and I happen to be huge fans of "Mad Men" and Jon Hamm. So that's why the paper my mother wanted was delayed so we could read this interview. There was also a piece about President Obama stopping off at some fast food restaurant for a burger. Given that my mother is a huge fan of Obama, I was sure she would find that information interesting.

By the time I was ready to go home, the "London Lite" was now available, so I picked up a copy for my mother. I noted the articles on Hamm and Obama had not been covered in that issue.

Sometimes what is perceived as a delay is simply the Universe bringing what I love to my attention.

Everything is working out for the best.


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