Monday, 18 May 2009

Credit Where Credit's Due

I was just finishing a two hour walk. Considering I hadn't drunk any fluid for 24 hours nor had I eaten any food, except chocolate, I was feeling so good I could have continued for hours. I figured since it was nearly 11 pm, it was about time I went home. I thought to myself how much I had enjoyed my walk.

"So did I," the Inner Voice said.

"What do you mean you enjoyed it? What did you do?"

"It was I who took the walk that's why you weren't tired," the Inner Voice said.

"Yeah, yeah, take all the credit, why don't you?"

I felt my Inner Voice beaming with love.

Actually, the Inner Voice is me as my real self or Dreamer that is larger than life. Every moment I have a choice whether to let the Dreamer do everything (including walking) or I can experience life as a limited sense of self.

OK, Dreamer, I want you to dream everything!


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