Thursday, 14 May 2009


While my mother and I were watching television she started channel-hopping. I noticed one guy on one programme looked familiar.

"He looks like Brendan Fraser from The Mummy," I said. "You know how much I love that film."

"Yes, I know."

"It's not him though."

As my mother continued channel-hopping, Brendan Fraser's face popped up on the TV screen.

"There he is!" I said, "Brendan Fraser."

"What's this?" mum said.

"It's Bedazzled. He's really funny in this film. Let's watch it."

My mother wasn't too keen on it so I watched it on my own.

"Bedazzled" is about a man who is hopelessly in love with this woman who has no interest in him. He turns to the devil for assistance. The devil agrees to grant him 7 wishes for a small fee - his soul. The problem is each wish comes with a dire and hilarious consequence.

I believe Love will always find a way to alert me to the things I love. That's why my mother was inspired to channel-hop so I could watch Brendan in action.


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