Thursday, 21 May 2009

Boo Hoo!

I've just read that my American Idol, Adam Lambert, failed to win the actual competition last night; Kris Lambert won. Boo hoo!`

Seriously, I had a feeling Kris was going to win because the signs were there.

First sign. Two days ago as I was looking for related articles on the Web about "American Idol" the first headline that grabbed my attention was a prediction about Kris winning and how Adam had a long career ahead of him.

Second sign. After seeing that headline, I chatted with a friend on a forum and he mentioned he works in the same building as Kris' mother!! What are the chances of that? I thought to myself, "Bugger, Kris has won!" Part of my response to my friend was: "Whatever the results, Adam Lambert is my American Idol."

I believe Adam was always on a different league anyway from the rest of the contestants. It's like a god competing with mortals. Mortals need someone they can relate to and Kris fits that mould. I'm not saying Kris isn't good but he's not always in the Zone like Adam.

Reminds me of the last series of the British reality show "Dancing on Ice." There was one contestant, Ray Quinn, who was head and shoulders above the rest. While the rest of the competitors were crawling up, getting stuck and slipping down the "ladder", Ray was in the Zone. One competitor referred to him as a god. He was so brilliant the ice skating experts thought he could become a professional skater if he was interested. Ray went on to win.

Back to "American Idol", it seems the "right" man won. I don't think America is yet ready for an Idol like Adam who wears makeup and nail varnish. I also believe - win or lose - everything is working out for the best for everyone concerned..

It's good to see that answers are always present anyway, I just have to stay alert.


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