Monday, 27 April 2009

The Weekend Never Ends

While I was watching the music channels on telly, I noticed a programme called "The Weekend Never Ends." It made me think of people who dread going back to work on Monday morning after having a fabulous weekend.

I say, why let the weekend end? Why not take the good times with you? By this I mean, there's nothing stopping you from reliving the memories on your way to work. When you're feeling happy, your journey is peaceful no matter what's going on around you. Other passengers might even pick up on your happy vibes, which might help them relax.

Then take the happy/peaceful feelings with you to work. When you're feeling happy, your day unfolds perfectly and you'll find you are in perfect harmony with your colleagues and employer.

And the happier you are the more happy experiences you will create, leading to more happy memories and good feelings for you to tap into.

Then take your good feelings with you home and share them with your family and loved ones.

The next day, take your good feelings with you to work and have a wonderful day, and the infinitum.

The weekend never has to end, it can last forever.


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