Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The Universal Translator

Yesterday while I was taking a walk with my mother through the local park, she asked me where a particular path going uphill lead. I said that according to the sign it should lead to some sports centre but I've never explored it.

Earlier today as I was walking through the park, I was curious about where that path led. As I walked up the path I noticed this elderly lady standing at the top, which overlooked a train track. I asked the lady if she knew where the path led. The woman explained by pointing to the path and the train track. As I listened to her speaking, a part of me was very grateful to her for taking the time out to share what she knew; while another part of me didn't have a clue what she was on about as she was either speaking Polish or some other Eastern European language that I neither speak nor understand. I was dead impressed though that she hadn't let my skin colour or British accent stop her from speaking to me in her language. When she'd finished speaking, I touched her shoulder, thanked her, and said goodbye. I decided to explore the path another time.

I believe we all carry within us a universal translator - Love.

Love speaks everyone's language.


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