Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Things are Thoughts

I believe all things in the Universe are thoughts or ideas in Mind. Just like water appears as solid, liquid and gas, thoughts can range from very dense such as a stone to finer thoughts such as peace, love, joy, silence and pure awareness. No matter how things appear (or don't appear) nothing is material; all things are thoughts/ideas in mind.

Because things are thoughts, it is their nature to vibrate at a frequency that is natural for them and to attract thoughts with similar frequencies.

I always know when I'm not being true to my nature because I feel some kind of discomfort or resistance. For instance, as I was walking this morning, I felt a twinge in one knee. I realised I was walking at a pace that wasn't natural for me. When I slowed down and relaxed, the pain was dissolved.

During my walks I always notice how cars with certain colours tend to be parked either next to or opposite similar coloured cars. I don't believe drivers make a conscious decision to park their cars next to cars with similar colours; I believe their acts are unconsciously driven (no pun intended) by like thoughts attracting like. As I was walking through one neighbourhood I noticed a gold colour car, which is very unusual, was parked next to a gold colour car. The next day I noticed that although the cars were no longer parked next to each other they were parked directly opposite each other.

I've observed that the moment I notice a colour or think of one, my attention is automatically drawn to a similar colour whether it's a car, someone's outfit, a building or whatever. That's because as an idea/thought, it's only natural for my thought to attract another like-thought. There was a time when I never saw pink cars and wondered if there were any. Soon I started noticing fuchsia coloured taxis. Since then I've noticed lots of pink cars. While there are not as many pink cars as other colours, they do still exist and pop up when I think of them.

I have also observed that relationships are all about thought resonance. People who resonate with my joy are naturally drawn to me. When I'm with someone who doesn't quite resonate, their frequency is either temporarily adjusted to match or they withdraw from my experience.

A week ago I thought of a friend's email address which has the words: "metoo." The very next day on my walk I saw the same friend. A few days later while I was reading in our local library I got chatting to a young lady sitting beside me. I asked her if she was a student. She said she was in college studying for her A Levels and hoping to study nursing at university. I told her my sister-in-law trained as a nurse and is now a mid-wife. My friend said she was from Ethiopia and has been living in the UK for 2 years. Her name was Mithu, pronounced Metoo. I thought it was very interesting how my friend's email: "metoo" had attracted a woman whose name sounds like "metoo."

It is written in the Scriptures:

Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts. Zechariah 4: 6
In other words, when I see the universe as material, life is a struggle and I'm either trying to force things to happen (by might); or manipulate someone or something (by power). When I live with the awareness that all things are thoughts in Mind, I am living by spirit.

Then thoughts resonate and attract like-thoughts naturally.


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