Monday, 20 April 2009

The Shape Shifter

The real me is the shape shifter that can identity as any shape, form or idea. I even have a name for my shape shifter self.

Whenever I use the words I AM this or that with conscious intent, I am invoking the shape shifter which automatically identifies Herself as whatever thoughts or ideas I have in mind such as a daughter, sister, lover, partner, friend, male, female, writer, people, music, art, dance, animal, a tree, a mountain, the earth, planets, galaxies, love, peace, joy, happiness, abundance, wisdom, etc.

Shape shifting comes in very handy when I want to dissolve a state like when I've injured myself. I simply think I AM Spirit and the pain is instantly dissolved.

If I'm feeling sad and don't wish to prolong that state I simply think I AM Happiness and I feel happy.

When I don't wish to identify as any thought or idea, I stay in silence. Then the shape shifter reverts to its essence - formlessness.

I AM whatever I think I am.


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