Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The Shape Shifter - In Practice

I believe I have a shape shifter within me that I can call upon to experience different realities. To invoke her all I have to do is think I AM followed by the thought I want to experience.

As I was walking home yesterday evening, which was lovely and sunny, I started sneezing. I stopped off at a park to watch kids playing football and enjoy the pigeons. By then my nose was runny. It was now time to call on the shape shifter. I thought to myself: I AM Radiant Health. Then I remained in silence. By the time I left the park, about half an hour later, my nostril had cleared up.

Last night I drank copious amounts of water. During the night I got up to have a wee. The second time I had the urge I couldn't be bothered to get up so I called on the shape shifter by thinking: I am Spirit. Then I remained in silence.

I have observed that when I am being Spirit my body stops having sensations including the urge to pee. I just feel like empty space. I went back to sleep and had a pee this morning.

It's fun being the shape shifter.


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