Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Price of Harmony

Mystics have shared their visions of a world where humans and animals live together in perfect harmony, but methinks there is a huge price to pay for this reality.

As I was walking through a park I noticed this pigeon taking his evening constitutional ahead of me. As the pigeon was taking his time, I tried to overtake it but it was having none of it. Instead, he ran in front of me. It was the funniest thing seeing those little legs go. I thought there was something strange about his behaviour then I remembered the pigeon could have easily taken off as he has wings.

A few years ago, my mother told me that while she'd been on a bus, she and some fellow passengers noticed this pigeon waiting at a Pelican crossing. When the light turned red, the pigeon walked across. I thought it was the funniest story I'd ever heard. Since then I've seen so many pigeons using Pelican and Zebra crossings that it's now old hat. Just recently a pigeon even accompanied me into a grocery store but we walked down different aisles.

That's the price pigeons pay for being in perfect harmony with humans, they start acting stupid and forget they have wings.

Still, it's a lot of fun having pigeons as my friends.


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