Saturday, 18 April 2009

Playing By Your Own Rules - Revisited

"True genius does not fulfil expectations - true genius shatters it." Paula Abdul on American Idol
One thing I've observed about the Universe is that it is unconditioned. By this I mean, the Universe does not operate under fixed laws. Having said that, there is one immutable law - the Universe mirrors back to us what we believe or expect to happen. The rest is anything goes.

In my blogs I share different perspectives of being. My experiences demonstrate how every time I decide to operate with a different belief, the Universe mirrors my belief back to me. Since the Universe reflects what I believe in, I might as well play by my own rules.

I'm reminded of an episode of "Star Trek The Next Generation" called Peak Performance, where Kolrami, an alien who sees himself as having superior intelligence to everyone, challenges Data to a game of Strategema. Given that Data is an android, everyone expects him to win but he loses. When Kolrami and Data have a re-match, Data decides to change his strategy: instead of playing to win he plays to draw. In other words, Data is no longer playing by the rules of the game but playing by his own rules. A frustrated Kolrami gives up on the game and Data wins by default.

I believe to win at any game you have to play by your own rules; and according to your rules so are your experiences.


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