Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Peter's Friends

As I was walking home yesterday, I noticed this woman walking two dogs. One dog's coat was a combination of brown, black, white, and orange. I told the woman how much I loved the dog's coat. She allowed me to stroke both dogs who were very friendly.

My friend said the dog with coat of many colours was a cross between a Border Collie and another breed, which I can't recall now. The other dog was a King Charles Spaniel. She said they were not her dogs but she was looking after them for a friend. She said her dog, Peter, died last year aged 14, which was very old for its breed. I can't recall now what breed Peter was but it was pure white.

Apparently the cross Border Collie dog was Peter's girlfriend and they produced several offsprings together. When she gave birth, Peter cut the umbilical cord. The vet was amazed as he'd never heard of a dog doing this. Peter was very protective of his kids and the moment he sensed his girlfriend was crushing the puppies he would growl at her. Peter used to puppy-sit a lot of the time.

My friend said she used to cook Lamb and Cous Cous for Peter every day as it was his favourite meal. She was going to cook the same for the two dogs when they got home.

My friend said the dogs are still missing Peter, as is the cat. Apparently, the cat rubs her head against Peter's photograph, her way of showing how much she loves him. I said to my friend that I'm sure Peter is still around in spirit.

You have friends who love you very much, Peter. Be happy!


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