Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Love Makes Life Easy

When I believe life is easy, it is. However, I have to continue holding that belief for it to be so.

I have found that there is a lot simpler way to enjoy the easy life - Love.

I have observed that Love makes life easy by attracting to me experiences and people who I love. When I say "love" I don't mean because society says I should but because it's simply my way of being true to myself or following my heart. I call it being in the Love Zone.

One way I stay in the Love Zone is several times a day I take time out to either be still for a few minutes or I think to myself: "I am Infinite Love-Light." Then I let Love/Me sort out the details.

So last night I noticed this movie on television. Because of the actors, I was expecting it to be really silly which I was in the mood for. The longer I watched it the more resistant I felt towards it, like it was too much of an effort. While a part of me was curious to see it through to the end, the part that was resisting started channel hopping until I discovered a documentary called Living with the Hoff about how radio DJ, Scott Mills, went to spend time with his idol, Hollywoood actor, David Hasselhoff. I happen to be a HUGE fan of David Hasselhoff and loved him in the TV series Knight Rider and Baywatch. Yes, I LOVED Babewatch, I mean "Baywatch"; and the guys were just as hot as the girls.

As soon as I started watching the documentary I was hooked. Scott discovers David the man is different from "The Hoff" the icon and they develop a strong bond. Scott finds David to be very young at heart. David tells Scott that spending time has been really easy. David talks about how he has very few friends because people who hang around him normally do so because it's their job not because they really care about who he is. David says his fans are always loyal.

I wasn't surprised David found living with Scott easy because there was a lot of love present. It was the same reason why I found the Hoff documentary so engaging because of the love I have for David Hasselhoff. After the documentary, I switched over to watch an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation which is always easy to watch as I am a HUGE fan.

Love makes life so easy.


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