Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Lost in Translation

So my friend in India sent me an email as follows:

What do you mean by "Pee", is it number 2 :-) ?
Presumably, he was referring to my recent article where I mentioned having a pee.

My response was as follows:

To pee is another way of saying urinate; wee; have a tinkle; going for a piss; spending a penny; taking a leak.

Number 2 is the other one. :-)
My friend's response was:

Haaha !! in our state, pee is number 2, and it is also very indecent word, it will be used in uneducated places.
It's amazing what meanings different cultures attribute to things! Talk about getting lost in translation! All the more reason why it's so important for me to stay true to myself. If someone doesn't get what I'm writing about, they can either email me for clarification, look it up in the dictionary, or use their imagination.

It is funny that "pee" in the UK is "number 2" in a state in India.


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