Friday, 24 April 2009

Life is Unfolding Perfectly - Revisited

As I was browsing someone's website yesterday, I thought to myself that the guy's eyes reminded me of the American rapper, Tupac, who passed away over ten years ago.

As I was leaving home this morning, my mother asked me to post a letter for her. As she didn't have any stamps, she said I would have to buy a stamp at the post office, which meant going out of my way. Why would she choose this morning to ask me to post this letter? I had a feeling there was a higher purpose to this errand.

As I was walking to the post office I noticed this woman walking towards me wearing a t-shirt with the word "Tupac" and a picture of Tupac. Amazing!

After I had finished at the post office, I went to catch my bus into town. As I was waiting at the bus stop, a woman I usually see during my travels waved at me. I went over to her and we exchanged hugs. I pulled her by the hand and suggested she sit next to me. When my bus arrived, it turned out she was travelling on the same bus. During our journey, we chatted about our life experiences. The funny thing is I've been seeing this woman around for the past five years, but this morning was the first time we'd actually had such a deep and meaningful conversation. It turned out we had a lot in common and we were both blessed by the experience.

Life is unfolding perfectly including my mother's errand, which was part of the plan.

All my love to you, Tupac/2Pac.


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