Friday, 24 April 2009

Life After Death

On three occasions yesterday, while I was out and about, I noticed my uncle's initials. Although he passed away nearly five years, I always have this sense of him being around. I sent him my love.

It got me thinking about what life is like for people who have passed on. After coming to terms with the fact that they can no longer communicate with their loved ones in the earth dream, they have to also accept that they no longer have a physical sense of self. Now that they experience themselves as spirit they no longer have to worry about making a living in order to clothe, feed, shelter and take care of a physical body. Without a physical sense of a body, there is no longer any need to worry about fatigue, disease, old age and death.

Without physical needs to worry about, those who have passed on can simply focus on doing what they love and sharing their love with their loved ones who are still experiencing life as physical.

So while it can be sad losing a loved one, it's a huge consolation to know that at least they don't have to worry about survival issues. They are free to be who they want to be.

All my love to my father who recently passed away.


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