Monday, 6 April 2009


I believe life is like jazz.



Thursday, 3 July 2008

One Long Jam Session

At the end of another episode of Sex and the City, my favourite comedy, I said to my mother that the theme music seems to have many people playing different parts and yet sounding very harmonious.

I said it reminds me of Jazz. On one level, Jazz sounds rather dissonant; it's like people just doing their own thing and not caring about the other musicians. However when you listen closely, they always seem to be in perfect synchrony anyway.

Jazz reminds me of when people are being true to themselves. It doesn't matter how different people are, as long as you're being true to yourself, you end up in perfect harmony with others who are being true to themselves.

Disharmony occurs when people are afraid of being true to themselves and trying to get others to change so they can feel comfortable with who they believe they are.

I believe we are all here to be and shine our infinite light in every moment. Then we get to experience life as one long jam session.

Fancy joining me?


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