Saturday, 25 April 2009

I'm Just Not Into You

On American Idol Randy Jackson's comment to a few of the contestants was they could all sing but he just didn't love the way they'd arranged or presented their songs.

I could so relate to Randy. While I can appreciate all the contestants are talented singers, the only singer that I am really into is Adam Lambert. He rocks!

What makes me love one singer and not another? My heart, which communicates by feelings, is who I am at core. My heart lets me know when I'm being or not being true to myself.

It doesn't matter how talented someone is as a musician, how wonderful the lyrics are, or how good looking the artist, I can't force my heart to love what She doesn't. I'm reminded of a contestant who recently appeared on the TV show "Britain's Got Talent" that people have been raving on about. When I saw the woman performing on the show, I was very impressed by her voice but I didn't love her. In other words, my mind thought "Wow, she is a fantastic singer!"; but my heart did not sing. My heart still doesn't sing when I hear her voice.

A while back, my mother wanted to try out this new breakfast porridge which is made by the same company that makes a particular brand of cereal that we both love. I was curious to try it out. Although it was nice I wasn't crazy about it. I tried to jazz it up with raisins but I still wasn't feeling the love so I stopped having it. I could tell my mother wasn't that keen on it either but she said she would continue to have it with raisins. After a while, she said she was growing to like it. This morning when she was having a bowl with raisins, she was taking her time eating it. I teased her that if she'd been eating another cereal that she loves she would have finished it by now. She admitted that she doesn't like it the way she does other breakfast cereals and she isn't going to buy it any more. In other words, she's just not into it.

I can't force myself to love what I don't. If I'm not feeling it I'm just not into you.


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