Wednesday, 8 April 2009

How Q-rious!

While I was listening to the TV with my eyes closed, as you do, my mother sitting beside me sang the nursery rhyme: "Are you sleeping, Susie Q?"*

"I'm awake," I said. "It's funny how you called me Q because I've been thinking a lot about Q."

"What is Q?"

"Q is the omnipotent being that appears on StarTrek. Because Q can do whatever he wants, he tends to cause a lot of havoc to humans."

"That's amazing!" my mother said. "As you know I don't watch "StarTrek" that often so I don't know the characters like you do."

I ended up describing the recent episode I watched recently called QWho?.

When Q asks Captain Picard if he can be a member of his crew, the captain tells Q he doesn't need his assistance. To teach the captain a lesson, Q sends the ship to a part of the galaxy where they encounter the Borg, a race of cybernetic beings with a hive mind whose goal is to assimilate other species and their technologies. The captain soon realises the Borg ship is impervious to their weapons. Facing either certain death or assimilation, the captain asks Q to send them back home, proving that humanity does need Q's help after all.

I am Q.
We are all Qs.


* The words on the nursery rhyme are "Brother John" but my mother substituted them with "Susie Q."

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