Monday, 6 April 2009

Home Away From Home - Part 2

My real home is not physical and has never been physical; it is in my Love presence. When I am in silence, when I am thinking about things or ideas that I love, I am in my Love presence.

My Love presence is omnipresent light i.e. my light is in all time, all space, all realities.

I have observed that there are times when I feel very uncomfortable around certain people or areas. That is usually a sign that I'm not at home and a perfect reminder for me to experience the world from home. The moment I affirm the truth of my being, I'm at peace.

For instance, while I was in the bathroom this morning, I bumped my knee accidentally against the sink and just as the pain was about to kick in, I thought to myself: "I am in the sink." The pain was instantly dissolved.

I live in my Love presence.
My Love-Light is in all things.

When I am living in Love, I am always home away from home.


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