Monday, 27 April 2009

Expert Opinions

While I was watching the London Marathon yesterday morning, I was fascinated by the commentators who were arguing that because the pacemakers had gone really fast, the real contenders are going to find it too hard to keep up that pace.

The commentators had already decided what in their expert opinion was possible and that athletes can't run faster than what is expected of them. They even cited the current world record holder who has, apparently, said that in his lifetime no one will ever run the marathon under 2 hours.

The problem with identifying with a group consciousness is the minority, who believe they are acting on everyone's best interests, gets to dictate to the majority what is possible; and the minority gets to decide when it's time for the group to evolve. The minority appear as leaders of the arts, philosophy, economics/finance, politics, religion, law, medicine, science, academia, media, and spirituality. The minority may even claim to be spiritual teachers, gurus, saviours, mediums, and channelled entities. The masses look to the leaders and teachers of this world to tell them how to live their lives.

I believe that as long as you continue to identify with a group consciousness that evolves at baby steps you're always under the control of the minority. On the other hand, I can stop identifying with a group consciousness and simply be the real Me that is infinite and unconditioned.

I am freedom.


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