Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Be Like a Child

Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein. Luke 18: 17

One of the important keys to manifesting is you have to be like a child, at least kids aged four and under, who tend to still remember their nature as the Universe as they haven't been programmed out of it. My mother tells me that as a four year old I was very aware of who I am. Here are a few examples about what it means to be like a child.


As far as the Universe is concerned, all is One. In other words, even though things appear to be separate, there is only the infinite universe taking the many forms.

I have observed young kids tend to see everything as part of the one self. In other words, the child sees the entire universe as part of its identity. That's why kids are open to communicate with and to receive from anyone because they don't differentiate between family, friends and "strangers." It is only later when they get socialised/programmed by family and society that they see things in parts i.e. self, your family and strangers. Part of their programming includes believing that you should only trust in family and friends but not strangers.


Because all is one, the Universe has no concept of something being more than, less than, or better than another. Put another way, everything has the same value whether it's a pebble, a computer, a chair, a person, a tree, a dog or £1 million. Since all things are equal, nothing is impossible.

I have observed young kids don't have any concepts of values either. When they start learning about numbers they say the numbers at random. It is only later that they are educated that numbers have values and that they should appear in ascending or descending order.


The Universe has no concept of right/wrong; good/bad. All things are simply what they are.

I have observed young kids do not have any concepts of right/wrong either. That's why babies have no qualms about putting things in their mouths. It's only when they get socialised into right/wrong that they come to see things as harmful or harmless.


All things in the Universe are inherently causeless. In other words, there doesn't have to be a material, emotional or mental cause for things to happen, they can just pop out of thin air. For instance, if I want to experience happiness, I don't have to do anything to be happy all I have to do is call on happiness and I feel happy. How does happiness come about? No idea.

In the same respect, when a child wants something like a bowl of ice cream, he doesn't think about how it appears but just expects it to appear on the table. It's only later that the child is socialised to believe in cause/effect. Now the ice cream is no longer causeless but has a material cause. He is taught that in order to have ice cream, his parents have to work hard to earn the money to buy some. By the time he becomes an adult, he no longer sees life as causeless and magical; and the universe ends up mirroring back to him his beliefs in cause/effect.

Years ago when my umbrella started falling apart, I thought about getting a new one. Although I wasn't urgently in need of one I thought it would be nice to have a brand new one. Not long after I had the thought, as I was travelling on a bus in a part of town I'd never explored before, I had a thought that it would be nice to walk down a particular path that led into some woods. I got off at the next stop. As I was walking on the main road, I noticed an almost brand new black umbrella in its case on top of an electrical box. Apart from cars going up and down the road, I was the only pedestrian. I didn't care how or why the umbrella was there, I just picked it up and thanked the Universe. I still have that umbrella. I could do with a new umbrella now though.

Two days ago I had a need for an elastic band to put around something. I visualised what it should be like. I asked my mother if she had any and she said no. I figured it would come to me another way. Yesterday evening as I was walking under this bridge, not far from home, I looked down and saw an elastic band that was the exact size I had imagined. I picked it up and thanked the Universe. It's just perfect for what I had in mind.

To be like a child, it's important for me to remember at all times that all is one; the universe is innocent and causeless; and all things are possible. All I have to do is put out my intention and let the Universe take care of the details.


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