Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Why It's Important to Follow My Heart

Continuing the theme about the importance of following my heart.

When I'm in joy and being true to myself, I'm following my heart. I believe the heart unifies all of us in love.

I have found that because the heart guides with me feelings, Her way can sometimes seem very illogical. However, when I follow Her guidance, it's always the right thing to do. Another way my heart guides me is She takes control of my body.

A few days ago, a friend and I were working in the same library but we didn't get to chat before I left.

Yesterday while I was working in the same library I thought of him and wondered how he was. A few hours later, the fire alarm started ringing intermittently. As I believe in praying about everything, I asked God to sort out the alarm so the building didn't need to be evacuated. God didn't seem to answer my prayer because the alarm started ringing continuously which was a signal for us to vacate the building.

As I was dying to have a pee, I figured I'd walk to the library five minutes away to do my business. Then I stopped to use the Internet. Guess who was at that library? My friend.

Later when my friend and I walked to the bus stop, he told me how sorry he was that he'd missed me the other day and we didn't have the opportunity to chat. I knew the fire alarm was God's way of arranging for my friend and I to meet up.

One thing I enjoy about being with my friend is that we love sharing our spiritual experiences. I told him I've been exploring what's it's like to follow my heart, which always knows what is best. My friend could relate to what I was saying. He said he believes in the importance of listening to the heart and the Holy Spirit.

He said years ago when he was in Nigeria, as he was walking home one night on a road he wasn't familiar with, he had a feeling he should cross over the road. Although it didn't make sense at the time, he listened to his heart. The next day he saw a gaping hole on the path he'd been walking on. If he hadn't followed his instincts, he would have fallen in and either badly injured himself or be killed. He knew he'd received divine intervention.

On the way to the bus stop this morning, I was walking at a leisurely pace. Suddenly my legs started moving faster and faster, as if they were possessed or something. I had a feeling my bus was about to approach and it was my heart's way of getting me to the bus stop on time. Sure enough as soon as I arrived at the stop my bus arrived.

I trust in my heart as She always knows what is best.


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