Friday, 22 May 2009


This blog is a continuation of my previous blog, It's All Done and Dusted where I focus on living with the awareness that I'm not creating anything new, I'm simply experiencing what already exists in the Timeless Now.

The principle of "It's all done and dusted" is about letting the Fire burning within me express itself as the infinite possibilities of all there is.

As always, the articles I'm sharing are my meanings, perspective and model of reality and not meant to instruct readers in any way. Make of them what you will. For my current and previous blogs see My Other Blogs.

I will also be posting a daily link for an "Enocia Favourite Article of the Day" which is a fun way to review previous articles.

Unless otherwise stated, all articles are copyright © 2009-2015 Enocia Joseph. You have my permission to copy and distribute articles for personal use only. Please include the link to the particular blog. For any other use other than personal, and any comments you might have, please email

Much love and gratitude to Mike for the roses.

All the very best.