Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Thoughts are Things - Part 2

As I was walking past a supermarket I stopped off to buy some doughnuts. I noticed an assistant was putting fresh bread and buns on the shelf but no doughnuts. I asked him if they had any and he said they weren't ready.

"I was looking forward to having some," I said.

"You shouldn't plan your day that way or you'll get disappointed," he said. "Always come in with an open mind and if there are doughnuts you get to enjoy them. If not, that's OK."

I thanked him for his counsel and walked out. I thought I'd check back later on my way home.

For some reason I decided to head off home about an hour early. As soon as I walked into the supermarket I saw another assistant was putting freshly baked doughnuts on the shelf. Aha, my desire for fresh doughnuts!

As I was walking home, I noticed a friend I hadn't seen for ages getting off a bus.

"You'll live long," she said "because I've been wondering where you were as I haven't seen you in ages."

After exchanging hugs, I told my friend I had been travelling using a different route. I also told her I don't normally go home so early. My friend said she doesn't normally get off at that particular bus stop either but something told her to go to the local supermarket to get a packet of vegetables.

"More like God was trying to arrange our meeting," I chuckled.

Just shows the thought of a desire is the desire itself.


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