Thursday, 26 March 2009


Apart from clothes, there are two things I never leave home without.

First, I never leave home without putting on some eyeliner and lipstick/lip gloss, otherwise I feel naked.

The second thing I never leave home without is my Love-Light, which I project everywhere. In fact, I was advised to practise this ritual during a sleeping dream I had a while back. In the dream, this man asked me why I wasn't using my gifts of light. It was then explained the importance of not only nourishing myself daily with Light but projecting Light everywhere. (See Using the Gifts I Have Been Given).

As to how I project light, I have three choices:

I start the day being grateful to Infinite Light for the day and all the Good there is; or

I visualise my body being filled with Light and see the Light overflowing and reaching everywhere in the universe; or

I say to myself: "My Light fills all time, all space, and all realities." Since I know thoughts are real, I know that the affirmation is alive.

I like to see the Light as my self-confidence that makes "crooked places straight." I trust in the Light to make my day flow harmoniously, arrange meetings with people I need to meet, bring things to my attention that I need to be aware of, make me feel what I need to feel, provide healing or whatever I am needing, etc.

There is a security guard I enjoy chatting to at the library who was once in the Army. I've always been curious about the army. In my late teens I even applied to join the Army but I failed the interview. When I saw my friend yesterday, he said if he'd seen me earlier he would have shown me a photograph of himself and his colleagues taken while he was in the Army. I said, perhaps, I'll see the photo another time. On my way out, I saw the same security guard but I could only chat to him for a minute or so as he was still on duty.

I then had an idea to stop off at the supermarket for some snacks. When I got there, I realised I didn't fancy it or anything for that matter so I left. Just as I was walking down a side street, I noticed my friend, the security guard, walking by and attracted his attention. He saluted me, as he usually does, stopped and pulled something out of his bag. It turned out to be the photograph he wanted to show me earlier.

"See if you can spot my face," he said.

Given that he was the only black face within a sea of white faces, it wasn't too difficult a task.

I asked my friend what direction he was headed and it turned out we were going the same way, at least part of my journey. He said he always walks home. It's funny how I've never seen him walking down this road until now.

As we walked, my friend regaled me with stories about what life was like, for him, in the Army. Some of the bullying he'd endured from a few of his colleagues were so outrageous they were downright hilarious. I told him they remind me of the American comedy, Everybody Hates Chris, which is meant to be based on the teenage experiences of American comedian, Chris Rock. Chris' bullying are so over the top that they have one in stitches. My friend said he watches that comedy and can relate to it. I told my friend that he could easily have a hit sitcom about his Army experiences.

Walking with my friend was not only a lot of fun but a new adventure as he introduced me to a route I had never used before, which was a lot faster.

Meeting up with my friend is one of zillions of ways the Light connects me with people I resonate with, even if I was sent on a wild-goose chase to the local supermarket. I'm not saying the same cannot be achieved by other methods such as thinking things out and trying to make things happen. The difference between letting Light do the work and trying to figure things out is like riding in a helicopter compared to a car. The helicopter not only gives you the bird's eye view of things, it is many times faster.

Infinite Light is my self-confidence; I never leave home without it.


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