Monday, 16 March 2009

Old Habits Die Easily

They say old habits die hard. I believe the easiest way to break an old habit is to simply focus on the new habit. I believe the intention to change takes over and reminds you to focus on the new habit.

I've been making it a conscious decision to see only ONE Intelligence/God behind the scenes doing all the work. Therefore, when I want something, I ask the ONE first. If I'm inspired to, say, email a friend then I see it as a sign that God wants to do the work as that particular individual.

Before I travel into town, I thank the ONE for taking me to my destination and then God plays his part by appearing as the bus that will fulfil the need.

I emailed a friend earlier and I needed his response. Just as I was about to text him to read his email, I had a thought to ask the ONE instead. I said "God please respond to my email." Then I relaxed and focused on other matters. I soon got a response from my God-friend with a perfect response.

Old habits are very easy to break; just let the new habit kick in.


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