Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Love is Harmony

I have observed that when I am radiating love to all, whether in the form of thoughts or a smile, my love transmutes experiences so they resonate as my essence - Love-Light. When something feels like Love, we're in total harmony regardless of whether we share similar beliefs or not.

For instance, on the bus I heard a baby wailing. I sent love to everyone on the bus. While the baby didn't stop crying, I found his voice rather pleasant. Then he stopped crying, spoke baby language with its mother, and then cried some more. I had a feeling the baby was expressing its feelings in that moment, which was perfectly acceptable.

During my walk this morning a Jehovah's Witness woman stopped me. She said she was aware I was probably in a hurry and offered me two brochures about what the Bible teaches about living and invited me to her church. Although it's not my kind of thing, I felt a lot of love for her. I could see she meant well. Before we parted company she told me how much she liked my lipstick shade which she thought suited me.

Love is harmony


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