Saturday, 28 March 2009

Life is Magic

While I was working in the library, a friend I often see came over and handed me a copy of the Metro newspaper. "It's from me," he pointed to his heart "to you." The he said goodbye.

Although I was grateful for the copy of the newspaper, there was something very fishy about the way my friend had handed me the paper. How come he's never given me a copy before this and why today of all days? Is it possible I'm meant to see something important in this issue? It was then I remembered why.

The day before I had a thought that I hadn't picked up a copy of the "Metro" in a few weeks. So that's why my friend had made such a big deal about it coming from his heart - God had put him up to it. Hahaha! Good One!

Later as I was walking home, I noticed the back of this man's head reminded me of a friend I used to work with about 12 years ago. The last time I saw him was Boxing Day (26 December) 2008 on the bus. Before the meeting, I had been reminiscing with the same friend who had handed me the newspaper earlier about when I temped at the London Fire Brigade (LFB) headquarters. The friend on the bus was my work colleague and is still working at the LFB. He said he was on the way to a football match and was meeting another work colleague at the stadium.

I thought how odd it was that I would be thinking of that friend now. I soon received my answer. Within half an hour I noticed this woman walking towards me. She called my name and asked if I recognised her. She reminded me that we met at the LFB when I was temping there; and she still works there. I told her I'd been thinking of the other friend I'd met on Boxing Day on his way to a football match. She told me she was the actual friend he had been on his way to meet at the stadium.

We were both amazed at the turn of events. My friend said she hasn't been well. She has come to a crossroads where she's thinking of taking a new path. I reassured her that everything will work out for the best. Then we hugged and said goodbye.

Life is magic.


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