Friday, 27 March 2009

It's All Magic

I believe life is magic. I also believe while we have been given these magical powers to express who we are, what we love, and to learn from our experiences.

So this woman was telling me about the problems she'd had on the computer she'd been using in the library. She said it kept freezing up and it took ages to get the problem sorted. My friend said she always has problems with computers that's why she tries to avoid them. She even has problems with all forms of technology which never seem to work for her.

My friend asked me if I have ever been on eBay. I told her I hadn't. She said she has lots of stuff she wants to sell but she doesn't want to have to pay commission. She said she's been looking for someone for ages who trades on Ebay as a hobby but she can never seem to find anyone nor does she expect to find one. She wondered if I knew anyone. I told her I didn't but I'll keep an eye out just in case.

After our conversation, I marvelled at my friend's amazing magical abilities to attract her experiences according to her expectations. She doesn't get on well with technology and she always ends up with a computer that doesn't work. She doesn't expect to find anyone who could help her on eBay and she ends up attracting the very same, me, who doesn't have a clue about eBay.

You could argue, how can my friend be creating magic when she's not having any pleasure from her experiences? The way I see it, my friend is demonstrating how adept she is at magic. Granted she has yet to figure out how to discipline her thoughts, but at least she is still creating magic. In time, she will work out what experiences she prefers and focus only on that.

Here are a few examples of magic.

Right now, as I am typing this piece, I'm pulling thoughts out of the ether and projecting it on the computer screen, which I will then post on the Internet. That's magic!

How about the magic of music which one can pluck out of the ether and channel through whatever instrument. Before you know it, that magic is giving billions of people limitless joy.

There is the magic of bodily transformation. Isn't it amazing how we all start off as cute babies, which is magic in itselt, and through the process of magic, we grow into adults and it's all downhill from there? When old age kicks in, you wonder what happened to the gorgeous woman guys couldn't stop staring at. Magic is what happened. Through the magic of beliefs, your body was transformed from youth to old age, except if you fancy the magic of cosmetic surgery. I appreciate not everyone experiences this kind of magic; but if I were to conjure up some statistics, I would say approximately 99.888% of people still practise the magic of growing old.

And there is the other magical bodily transformation where the physical body gives way and magician "moves" to a new reality to practice his magic. This is popular known as death. Wow!

My point is whether we share the same beliefs or not, we are all magicians. I believe it's up to each individual to choose which kind of magic they want to practise: magic that gives joy or misery; magic that liberates or keeps one captive.

If you're not happy with the magic you've created, choose again.

I am the magic.


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