Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Highly Illogical, Captain!

In the sci-fi series Star Trek: the Original Series the second in command is Spock, who is half human and half Vulcan. Vulcans are renowned for their logic. Because of his Vulcan side, Spock tends to use logic to sort out his problems. A lot of the time he questions the captain's decisions which he considers illogical, but the captain always has a trick or two up his sleeve that turns out good in the end.

While I was walking home yesterday evening, as soon as I arrived at a particular road I suddenly had a feeling of irritation. I wondered why I was feeling that way. Was I was picking up on a loved one's feeling? The feeling grew to annoyance and I thought to myself that I don't like walking on that side and I felt like crossing over to the left side of the road. My feelings didn't make any logical sense to me at all and it seemed pointless crossing the road when I needed to stay on the right. So I ignored my feelings and continued walking home without further incident.

This morning as I was approaching the bus stop I noticed the bus I was going to catch was just leaving. I had a thought to catch the next one that travels on the route I use when I walk home. The moment the bus arrived on the road where I had felt annoyance, I noticed workmen were digging the pavements in two different spots. Aha, now it makes sense. The feeling of irritation had been I as Infinite Mind giving myself a preview of things to come. This means when I walk down that road later, I'll cross over to avoid the disruption.

To the head, things do not always appear logical; but where the heart is concerned, everything makes sense, even illogical behaviour.

Your highly illogical behaviour was highly logical, Captain.


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