Monday, 30 March 2009

A Good Omen

As I was walking into a grocery store I'd never been to before, a pigeon flew in with me. The shopkeeper was quite taken aback by the pigeon. I thought it was hilarious. The pigeon and I walked down different aisles. While I was paying for the product I said to the shopkeeper, "I hope you get many more pigeon visits in the future."

I reckon the shopkeeper, who was Turkish, didn't realise I had been pulling his leg because he said, "Is it good luck for pigeons to come into my shop?"

"Yeah," I said, "cos it is."

That shopping experience made me realise how narrow-minded I've been about pigeons' lifestyle choices. By this I mean, just because pigeons appear not to have the same needs as humans doesn't mean they don't need to shop. Now I know better.

I wonder if pigeons are affected by the credit crunch?

A pigeon shopping has to be a good sign that the economy is picking up, surely?


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