Monday, 30 March 2009

Genetic Heritage

My mother has got beautiful skin which she believes she inherited from her mother who also had beautiful skin. As much as I love my mother I don't believe I inherited my skin from her. In fact, the only genetic heritage I buy into is that of principles and immortal truth, which are the same yesterday, today and forever.

For instance, my mother was telling me about an article she'd read in the newspaper about this man who says he doesn't believe in doctors, eats what he likes and doesn't get sick. He's now in his eighties and still in perfect health. Mum said her father was the same.

Grandfather never went to doctors or took medication. There was one time, however, when due to ill health he was forced to go to the hospital. (Mum was too young at the time to remember but her older brother shared the story). After the doctor had examined my grandfather, he told him that if he didn't have an operation, he was going to die. Grandfather told the doctor he had no intention of having an operation. He said if it was God's will then he would rather die at home. So he discharged himself. At home, he got better and lived for many more years. Mum said up to old age he still had all his teeth. Although he went blind when he was very old, he still used to walk around unaided, which baffled many people.

My grandfather, who was a devout Muslim, died while he was in prayer. Apparently, after he was praying for a long time, people got concerned. That was when they discovered that the bird had flown the nest.

I like to see part of my genetic heritage as coming from my grandfather's convictions about living on truth principles, which has been passed down to my mother and to me. It is because of my strong belief in Love's omnipresence that I don't take tablets and can eat whatever I want without worrying about what's in the food.

My grandfather is not the source of my "genetic heritage" - Infinite Love-Light/God is. My grandfather is simply one of infinite channels who have been sharing these principles in many forms for millennia.

My skin doesn't come from my mother but from Light.


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