Monday, 23 March 2009

Catty Behaviour

A friend tells he doesn't like cats because they are bone-idle. He reckons all they do all day is sit and lick themselves or find a nice cosy spot to relax and do nothing.

As I see it, the problem with being loved for your actions is that it is conditional. As long as you keep doing what people like, you are loved. The moment you change or no longer fit in with people's expectations, the love dries up. That's why I adore cats, at least the ones I've lived with or come across, because they are true to themselves. A cat is, therefore, loved not for what it does but for who it is being. Most people who love cats love them anyway whether the cat is affectionate or has an attitude.

About a month ago I met this guy on the bus. He said he found me charming and wanted my contact details so he could take me out. I told him I was enjoyed being with him at that moment which I was satisfied with. I told him I wasn't interested in pursuing a relationship with him.

On the bus this morning someone attracted my attention and I realised it was the same guy. I offered him a toffee. When the seat opposite me became available, he sat in front of me. As the bus drove through the city, I pointed out building works and we talked about how areas of London were being given face-lifts in preparation for the Olympics in 2012. We also chatted about football. He happens to be a huge Arsenal fan; I support Liverpool. I teased him that his team was rubbish and that Liverpool is the best team in the world. He acknowledged how well Liverpool was playing at the moment. It was fun having a banter about football.

As I was chatting, I was aware that my friend was staring at me. Then he said I was still very charming. He asked for my number but I declined. I believe the reason why my friend found me so charming was because I was simply being myself.

I would rather be loved for being myself than for what I do, just like my feline friends.



Much love and gratitude to Nita for sharing the gorgeous photo of Mu-ki.

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