Saturday, 21 March 2009

The Big Picture and the Details are One

I was chatting to my friend about his talent for being able to pick out the different sounds in music. He said most people tend to listen to music as a whole but he notices everything. As we were listening to some songs together, he pointed out the different instruments, which I thought was very impressive.

After our conversation, it occurred to me that my friend and I are very similar in the way we experience the world. Although I'm very much aware of the big picture, I tend to focus more on the details. By this I mean, I always start by acknowledging the One Intelligence/Light in all, then I zoom in and focus on how the One is appearing as the individualised many. That is when I discover there are "hidden" riches everywhere, even in circumstances that some consider to be "negative."

What do I mean by riches?

I have observed that some people tend to think of riches as big things i.e. financial windfalls, winning the lottery jackpot, striking oil, finding treasures, coming into a fortune, signing an important deal, etc. While these are also riches, the riches I'm referring to are the little things that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

I believe my purpose as a writer is go beyond the veil and unmask the omnipresent Light in all. Put another way, I'm interested in demonstrating how the One is manifesting as untold abundance, beauty, happiness, love, peace, power, wealth, wisdom and wonder in every moment.

For instance as I was walking home, I tripped on the pavement but I kept moving. For me that experience was an important message about persistence. Never give up, never beat yourself up about a "mistake"; just pick yourself up and keep moving. It made me think about how babies learn to walk. At first they stumble and fall many times but they get up and practise walking until they're not only experts at walking, they can run, jump, skip, and dance. A few yards down the road, I noticed this boy, aged around 5 or 6, riding his scooter. When he fell of it, he got right back on.

I believe every moment the One (big picture) is revealing Himself as different experiences (details). In other words, the big picture and the details always arise as one. The trick is to stay alert to the details, which makes life so magical.

Thank you, friend, for reminding me of the importance of the details.


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