Saturday, 21 March 2009

Are We Friends or Strangers?

In the UK, kids are taught to treat as strangers people who are not friends or relatives. The underlying belief is that you can't trust strangers. The irony is that a lot of child abuse is carried out by friends and relatives who children are supposed to trust.

What if we stopped putting people into categories of friends and strangers and just see everyone as friends? Imagine what it would be like to see everything as your friend including humans, animals, nature, things, time, space, planets, stars, galaxies everything - visible and invisible. The universe is transformed to a place of friendships. Then in every moment, there is always a friend to turn to when one is in need.

Of course, if all this friendship malarkey gets too much for you, you can always revert to treating your friend as a stranger.

Speaking of which, during my walk, I noticed two boys playing football outside their flat. When the ball was kicked out into the road, one boy went to fetch it. A man walking by told the boy to be careful with his ball. The boy said to the man, "Sorry, we're not allowed to speak to strangers!" and he walked off. I thought it was an excellent way to dodge getting told off.

Everyone is my friend, even strangers.


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