Tuesday, 24 March 2009

All Roads Lead to Rome

It never ceases to amaze me how people discover my blogs.

I received an email recently from a reader who had discovered one of my articles while doing a search on the Web about a documentary called "F*uck Off, I'm Ginger!" The documentary had focused on discrimination people experience because of their ginger hair. I could relate to this because as a child I had ginger hair. One of the guys interviewed eventually moved to America where he met his wife. The programme inspired me to write an article called Loving Myself. My friend said he was the guy who had moved to America and he thanked me for the article.

It was wonderful to be able to connect with my Militant Ginger friend.

As my blogs cover a wide variety of topics such as music I love, TV programmes I love, things I love doing, my beliefs, me, me and more me, my articles are bound to suit all tastes. :-)

I also believe there is only ONE being the many that's why "all roads lead to Rome."


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